Expert Recruiting Leaders

We Learn your story! We spend significant time and effort educating ourselves and understanding your business environment and trends.   We learn your unique business goals, culture and develop a clear understanding around what works and what does not in your organization.  After we have conducted extensive research, we collaboratively develop and agree to a recruitment plan to fill your search needs.

We communicate often, our approach is disciplined, yet flexible enough to ensure appropriate candidates are included in the process.

Our Search Process includes:

  • Up-front assessment – looking for the story
  • Position Profile Development – presenting the story
  • Development and implementation of Candidate Research Plan
  • Utilization of innovative sourcing and recruiting methodologies
  • Promoting your opportunity
  • Presentation of Exceptional Candidates – Preliminary List
  • Conducting face-to-face Candidate Interviews
  • Presentation of a final slate of Candidates
  • Conducting Reference Checking and Credential Verification
  • Negotiation Assistance with the offer and acceptance
  • Facilitate the transition from acceptance to employment

Modified Search Services

Search Readiness is another modification to the search process.  It is an assessment tool used to determine if the expected outcomes of a search are realistic.  The assessment is based upon many factors such as: the organizational readiness and structure, reporting relationships, position specifications, the client’s needs, values, and culture. Critical success factors can be clearly outlined when the many factors of a well-executed search are alighted with the realities of the environment.

Monthly retainer to work on critical jobs. We partner with clients to fill multiple jobs that contribute directly to the success of their business plan. This service is generally reserved for clients that utilize our expertise on an on-going basis.